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Business opportunities capacitor industry how to fly

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    With the development of electronic information industry and the popularity of home appliances, refrigerators, washing machines, tape recorders, black and white TV, home air conditioners, telephones, energy-saving lamps, VCD, DVDs, computer, color TV localization of the 1980s began the development of program-controlled switchboards, etc., to improve the quality of life of every Chinese family. The capacitor industry in China has been unprecedented development, the quantity, quality, service, to meet the needs of the electronic machinery and household appliances development, and drive-related materials industry, equipment industry, Instrument industry, has been become the world's capacitor producer.
    Sustainable development of connotation will be different from the past

    Looking back at history, after 20 years of struggle, China has become the global capacitor producing countries, accounting for about 30 percent of global output. Global economic recovery and China's information industry developed rapidly, the capacitor industry to continue to be at the same time must be stronger, to bigger and stronger, which is the core of the development dimension of change.
    Chip process of electronic components, resistors and capacitors are leading the way. In 2002, Japan resistor chip rate of 98%, 80% of the rate of chip ceramic capacitors, chip tantalum capacitors rate has reached 99% in 2001; resistor network chip rate of 2000 41 %. The inductor chip rate has reached 52 percent in Japan in 1998, 2002, the United States have reached 70 percent, while the signal circuit of inductor chip rate has reached more than 80%; switch chip of the rate of more than 20%. 1999 ceramic filter chip-based rate of 19%, while the chip ceramic filters used in cellular mobile communications equipment accounted for 71%, temperature compensated crystal oscillator chip of the rate of over 90%.
    Electronic components in the chip at the same time, the miniaturization is also the rapid development of not only traditional element in the rapid miniaturization of chip components is growing rapidly miniaturization. At present, the 1608-type chip RC components has become mainstream products produced in Japan, 1005-type chip RC components has become the mainstream of mobile communications equipment resistive and capacitive components. The minimum size of tantalum chip capacitors and chip plastic film capacitor has reached 1608, and have been commercialized. Ceramic chip capacitors, chip negative temperature coefficient thermistor (NTC) has begun mass production of the 0603 type of very small products, metallized plastic film capacitors and mica capacitors have commercial production of 1608 products.
    With the thin light of electronic equipment, electronic components composite is also becoming stronger. TDK Corporation of Japan is now producing a monolithic ceramic capacitor array 4,8,16 capacitor wick.

    Ceramic capacitor will remain the dominant world capacitor market, the chip capacitors will dominate the market of ceramic capacitors and tantalum capacitors. Miniaturization, high-capacity, high voltage, high frequency, anti-jamming, and the array will continue to be the direction of development of the ceramic capacitors. 1005 chip ceramic capacitors have been popular for the 0603 products have been listed on the 0402 products have been in the development. At present, the use of thin-layer and multilayer (600 layer 800 layer) technology and the electrode base metal, has developed a capacity of up to 100μF, the monolithic ceramic capacitor manufacturers in the development of capacity 200μF monolithic even more than 200μF production technology of ceramic capacitors.
    Small size, large capacity, long life, high temperature, low equivalent series resistance, etc. is still the direction of development of the aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Matsushita Electronic Components Company in 2000 to develop the WA series aluminum capacitors, its capacity value than the previous 2 times to 18 times, at the same time, the company also put in a chip aluminum capacitors for ultra-low appearance, the height of only 0.95mm.
    Chip products continue to lead the tantalum capacitor miniaturization, high-capacity, low impedance, the direction of development of low ESR tantalum capacitor production and application of functional polymers will further expand the CV value of tantalum powder will continue to improve, the CV value of tantalum powder up to 100,000, but manufacturers (such as Japanese the ELNA companies) developing 150000CV value of tantalum powder.
    It is noteworthy that the engineers and technicians are developing the use of niobium for the niobium capacitor dielectric material, tantalum, niobium supply equivalent to 100 times tantalum, shape, structure and performance of the capacitors and chip tantalum capacitors, due to the cost relationship The capacitor is not suitable for the 1000μF level of mass production, and niobium capacitors can achieve the mass production of the order of magnitude.
    Facing the development of new opportunities in the market
    The new e-machine systems, home appliances, communications equipment, industrial automation and other emerging capacitor development of new market opportunities.

    The automotive electronics industry is the most popular industry in the international market, the traditional automotive electronics involves ten electronic systems, including electronic dashboards, electronic fuel injection systems, car audio systems, engine management systems, global positioning system, antilock brakes systems, airbag systems, autopilot systems, automatic window system, automatic locking system. These systems are more or less to use capacitors, but also against heat, earthquakes, ripple, low impedance and volume shape and so a higher demand. The future of electric vehicles is the growth point of the capacitor, electric cars need at least four high-voltage large-capacity electrolytic capacitor, for use in battery charging, the voltage converter and inverter circuit.
    Aspects of household appliances, color TV, stereo, digital cameras, DVDs, VCR, CD player, inverter air conditioner, inverter refrigerator, washing machines, microwave ovens, rice cookers, vacuum cleaners, energy saving lamps, etc. are capacitors large. With the development of the whole machine, to develop the high-frequency chip, energy saving, environmental protection and other products to keep up with the development of digital TVs, set-top boxes and digital cameras and other products.
    Industrial field, with the increasingly wide range of Computer Integrated Manufacturing System (CIMS), digital machining center, automatic assembly machines and other automation technology, and promote the development of inverter technology. A large number of industrial sectors use switching power supplies, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), inverters, monitors, inverter motor, CNC equipment, and other laser processing, inverter motor, oil exploration, the third generation and fourth generation of IGBT development, high-speed Highway solar lighting systems, etc., the capacitor industry to adapt to the changes.
    In short, the market changes brought about by the rapid changes of the above-mentioned areas of research machine, do a good job market, has introduced to meet the requirements of different machine products, can be stronger. Factors deciding the success or failure, in addition to the factors of past application of firm size, location, level of specialization, market control ability, but also increase the reaction speed, flexible production capacity, resources, integrated and innovative ability.
    Enter a new round of development conditions have
    First of all, the factory management and the international community to basic standards. Product Specifications IEC standards, the factory management has achieved ISO9000 qualification certificate, quality (broadly defined) in the state controlled all activities of the enterprise. Green ISO14000 certification, lead-free work is basically completed. AC capacitor, anti-interference capacitors, high voltage capacitor in the world to obtain permits, a reliable basis of product quality guarantee. Xiamen Farah electronics, electrical Ningbo new capacity, Shenzhen East Sunshine Industrial Development Corporation, Nantong Jianghai Capacitor Co., Ltd., Yiyang Aihua Group, electronic Kunshan Matthey, South Fang Hongming electronics companies, has a certain reputation in the international market.
    Second, domestic materials, equipment, instrumentation industry is to grow and develop. Capacitor raw materials, manufacturing equipment, measuring instruments, the domestic industry can basically meet the requirements of the innovation capacity of these industries has been the international market.
    Third, the capacitor industry, science and technology team in the development of growth. Familiar with production processes, quality management, proficient in equipment, can grasp the direction of product development can be independent design team of technical experts, had grown, this is a valuable asset for our industry.

    Fourth, the industry has been excellent entrepreneurs. Economic knowledge and understanding of government policies, and good at business enterprises grasp the development direction, financing ability and integrity of life, the practical work of entrepreneurs has been formed, and some have completed the primitive accumulation is the capacitor industry entered a new round of development upsurge hope for.
    Expert opinion
    Must adapt to new environments
    Capacitor industry development to date, either the market or the user great changes, and this change continues, the industry is to develop, it must adapt to the new environment.
    First, the user's changes.
    The popularity of consumer electronics and upgrading the electronic machine is undergoing tremendous changes. Our capacitor industry is the traditional home appliances supporting the progressive development and grow up. Today's home appliances has entered the digital age, focusing on digital color TV. In addition, the appliances have been extended to the conversion and environmentally friendly air-conditioning, home theater, computer, communication products, and therefore the object of service (customer) will also change.
    Secondly, the electronic machine to digital, high-frequency, multi-functional and portable direction of development, electronic system development to the direction of the network, high-speed processing.
    IC integration and function in improving the whole line in simplifying, stand-alone use of electronic components will drop in the number of stand-alone the number is increasing. In order to adapt to this change, small capacitors, chip type must accelerate the pace.
    Third, gradual integration into the international market.
    The production of electronic components has become after the U.S., Japan's third-largest production base larger capacitor export volume accounts for the proportion of production, is to strengthen all-round efforts to advance to the international market. Therefore, to fully understand the WTO rules of the game is becoming increasingly important.
    Fourth, the environmental standards fully implemented, ISO14000 standard is imperative.
    2002 the European Parliament and Council of the EU ROHS Directive (on the Prohibition of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical Equipment Directive). Of the "Electronic Information Products Pollution Prevention Measures for the Administration also released this year, to officially take effect July 1, 2005. "Green" products, "green" procurement has begun.
    Fifth, pay attention to the implementation of the Social Accountability SA8000.
    SA8000 is a wide impact on a global scale after following the ISO14000 international standards, it is not concerned about product quality and environmental protection system, but the basic rights of employees and working conditions. Some countries, such as the United States from May 1 this year to force the implementation of SA8000, implement the orders and corporate social responsibility should be linked. The implementation of SA8000 standard is spread to some of the industries in China should pay full attention.