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Capacitor classification and characteristics

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Name: Polyester (PET) capacitor
Symbol: CL
Capacitance: 40p - 4u
Rated Voltage :63 - 630V
Main features: small size, large capacity, heat moisture, poor stability
Application: stability and loss less demanding low-frequency circuit
Name: polystyrene capacitor
Symbol: CB
Capacitance: 10p - 1u
Rated voltage: 100V - 30KV
Main features: stability, low loss, large size
Application: For stability and loss requires higher circuit

Name: polypropylene capacitors
Symbol: CBB
Power capacity: 1000p - 10u
Rated Voltage :63 - 2000V
Main features: performance similar to that of polystyrene but the small size, stability, slightly worse
Application: instead of most of the polystyrene or mica capacitors for demanding circuit

Name: mica capacitors
Symbol: CY
Capacitance: 10p - 0. 1u
Rated voltage: 100V - 7kV
Main features: High stability, high reliability, small temperature coefficient
Applications: high-frequency oscillation, pulse demanding circuit

Name: high-frequency ceramic capacitors
Symbol: CC
Capacitance 1 - 6800p
Rated Voltage :63 - 500V
Main features: high-frequency loss, good stability
Applications: high-frequency circuits


Name: low-frequency ceramic capacitors
Symbol: CT
Capacitance: 10p - 4. 7u
Rated voltage: 50V - 100V
Main features: small size, low cost, loss, poor stability
Application: less demanding low-frequency circuit

Name: Glass Glaze capacitance
Symbol: CI
Capacitance: 10p - 0. 1u
Rated Voltage :63 - 400V
Main features: good stability, low loss, high temperature (200 degrees)
Applications: pulse, coupling, bypass circuit

Name: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
Symbol: CD
Power capacity: 0. 47 - 10000u
Rated voltage: 6. 3 - 450V
Main features: small size, large capacity, loss, leakage
Application: power supply filtering, low-frequency coupling, decoupling, bypass, etc.


Name: tantalum electrolytic capacitor (CA), niobium electrolytic capacitor (CN)
Power capacity: 0. 1 - 1000u
Rated voltage: 6. 3 - 125V
Main features: loss, leakage is less than aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Application: instead of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in circuits that require high

Name: Air dielectric variable capacitor> Capacitors
Variable capacity :100 - 1500p
Main features: loss, high efficiency; made available upon request linear, linear wavelength type linear frequency-type and logarithmic
Applications: electronic equipment, radio and television equipment, etc.

Name: film dielectric variable capacitor> Capacitors
Can substation capacity :15 - 550p
Main features: small size, light weight; loss than the air medium
Applications: communications, broadcast receivers


Name: film dielectric trimmer capacitors> Capacitors
Variable capacity 1 - 29p
Main features: loss, small size
: Tape recorders, electronic equipment circuits for circuit compensation

Name: ceramic dielectric trimmer capacitors> Capacitors
Variable capacity: 0. 3 - 22p
Main features: loss of smaller and smaller
Application: Precision tuned high frequency oscillation circuit

Monolithic capacitors biggest drawback is the high temperature coefficient oscillator stable drift is intolerable, we do a 555 oscillator, capacitor, just in 7805 next to the boot with an oscilloscope to see the frequency, seeing slowly changes, and later replaced with polyester capacitors better.
Monolithic capacitor features:
Large capacity, small size, high reliability, capacitance stability, high temperature and moisture resistance.
Widely used in electronic precision instruments. A variety of small electronic devices for resonance, coupling, filtering, bypass.
Capacity range:
Pressure: twice the rated voltage.
Inside said monolithic also known as multi-layer ceramic capacitors, two types, type 1
Good performance, but the capacity is small, generally less than 0. 2U, another call
Type II, large capacity, but performance in general.

As far as the drift in terms of:
Monolithic positive temperature deserves +130, CBB is a negative temperature coefficient of -230, used in parallel with an appropriate proportion, allows drift down to very small.
For the price:
Tantalum, niobium capacitors expensive, monolithic, CBB cheaper tiles minimum, but a kind of high-frequency zero drift black spots slightly more expensive tiles. Mica capacitor Q value is also slightly more expensive.