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Monolithic capacitors in the handheld device to reflect the performance advantages

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The endless stream of handheld devices, light beauty, thin is pretty, mobile phone, camera, MP3, radio and other features can not be less components manufacturers have taken advantage of. Although the core processor has been the focus of everyone's attention, capacitors, resistors and other passive components as a supporting role in advancing miniaturization of the product also plays an important role.

    Monolithic capacitors is another name of the multi-layer ceramic capacitors, abbreviations, MLCC, is the largest amount of the world's fastest-growing chip component varieties. Monolithic capacitors with small size, large capacity, insulation resistance higher characteristic, can be used in a high-frequency, high temperature environment, and therefore particularly suitable for handheld devices.

    The development trend of the monolithic capacitor is: the rapid growth of the chip rate; shrinking; thickness constantly become thinner and light; expanding production scale; composite continues to increase; technology is constantly updated. Low distortion, impulse noise, long life, high security and high reliability, low-cost monolithic capacitors are emerging.

    At present, foreign manufacturers of the monolithic capacitor Murata (of MURATA), TDK, AVX, Kyocera, Taiyo Yuden, Samsung electronics, Fenghua Hi-Tech in the monolithic capacitor manufacturers.

    Among these companies, the sales of the monolithic capacitor largest is Japan's Murata Manufacturing Co. (MURATA), is the world's most important ceramic capacitor manufacturers, to meet the below 3V to several thousand volts of high-pressure wide range of application requirements. Murata capacitor products cover the monolithic ceramic capacitors, monolithic ceramic capacitors (automobile), the monolithic ceramic capacitor (lead type), high voltage ceramic capacitor Safety Recognized / High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors up to safety standard ceramic capacitors, high voltage ceramic capacitors (10 to 40kV), high frequency power ceramic capacitors, high frequency with a single layer micro-chip capacitor, ceramic trimmer capacitors and network capacitor. Based on the unique design and processing technology, Murata Manufacturing Co., provides a variety of sheet MLCC products from the 0402's ultra-compact, to be used instead of the large capacitance of tantalum and electrolytic capacitors, and low ESL, high frequency products for and arrangement of products. In short, the Murata ceramic capacitor is almost meet all application requirements. The company also offers a wide variety, including the ultra-small and ultra-thin type trimmer.

    Monolithic capacitors, there are further subdivided according to the capacity, use and other aspects of requirements, it is also derived from a large number of different packages and capacity of the capacitor. Murata Manufacturing Co., the bulk capacitor can be used for decoupling and smoothing filter; the GRM (C0G) and GRM (U2J) for frequency control / Tuning; LLL, LLA, / the LLM, the ERB, Mode GJM, the GQM series can be used to high frequency decoupling, ESR and band; the GMA series suitable for high frequency communications can lead to binding / die bonding the; GRM (SL, U2J) can be used in high-voltage high-frequency buffer, its loss of value than ; the GRM in 220pF to 1μF capacitance for decoupling in high-pressure, smooth; the GR7 series capacitor of up to 10000 ~ 47000pF, can withstand 350V voltage, ideal for camera flash charging; the GR4 Series of pressure to achieve 2kV, the capacity of 100 ~ 4700pF, can be used for communications equipment; GD and GF-type by the safety requirements for certification also applies to communications equipment; GC, GF, GB, GA2 type can be used to reduce the noise of the AC circuit; for automotive, security equipment, transmission equipment and other special areas, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. also has large-capacity type, low ESL type and model for temperature compensation.

    Loss angle, the equivalent resistance, stability and performance parameters to reduce fever, improve system stability plays an important role, and ways to improve these indicators is to improve the quality of the material, the continuous improvement of the material composition and performance. Has a leading position in the Murata ceramic materials in R & D and innovation on the composition and structure of the material in the preparation process of the material constantly upgrade to improve to ensure the continual introduction of new capacitor product, the company and even create a transparent high-strength ceramics, famous Murata small urchin eye protection cover is transparent ceramic manufacturing.

    Increasing prosperity to the handheld market, will certainly be brewing a huge capacitor market, Murata Manufacturing Co. and other manufacturers will continue to increase investment, and give full play to the monolithic capacitors are small in size, performance, suitable for SMT placement and other advantages.