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Capacitors: expanding the field of downstream applications to open the high-growth space

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Industrial upgrading and boost demand

China's economy is entering a transition manufacturing upgrade has become an inevitable trend. The core driving force is accelerating the level of urbanization and the demand to enhance the transfer-oriented economic changes in the structure, and the internationalization of the industry resulting.

To this end, China has stepped up efforts to support the emerging industrial policy. In the field of infrastructure, to increase the tilt of the high-end equipment manufacturing, for example, a few years ago to increase investment in high-speed rail, rapid increase in our country's high-speed rail industry. In recent years, marine engineering, nuclear power and investment, but also makes marine engineering equipment, nuclear power equipment and technical strength has been greatly boosted.

At the same time, urbanization, the construction will also stimulate the development of electronic information and new energy industries. The 12th Five-Year Plan made it clear: to promote the integration of medium and small urban transportation, communication, power supply, water supply and drainage and other infrastructure and network development. The development of these emerging fields will expand the room for growth of the electronic components industry.

That being so, as the three passive electronic components (resistors, capacitors and inductors), one of the capacitors has vast room for growth. Capacitor occupies an important position in the electronic components industry, is the indispensable foundation of electronic components in electronic circuits, the capacitor industry level significantly influenced the development of China's electronic information industry, the national focus on the development industry. Capacitor accounts for about 40 percent of the amount of the whole electronic components, aluminum electrolytic capacitors accounted for about 34% of the entire capacitor production.

Therefore, the industrial upgrading will drive the rapid development of the capacitor industry, which is actually related to listed companies Annual Report or Annual Report Announcements many capacitors in the new universe state, Nanyang Technological corroborated.

New applications to expand the room for growth

More importantly, the capacitors in the field of traditional applications, such as computer, color TV, air conditioning, cameras and other home appliances and CNC lathes is in stable growth period. Consumer electronics products accounted for 44%. With the consumer electronics industry, the economy has been increasing in recent years, the consumption of the capacitor showing a rapid growth situation.

In emerging industries, future room for growth of the capacitor will be more optimistic. In recent years, the capacitor in the field of automotive electronics, energy, aerospace, military, and other widely used, mainly for the manufacture of converters, inverters, uninterruptible power supply. Among them, the drive field is more room for growth to expand the capacitor, the capacitor is as important components of the inverter in the inverter field, plays an important role in filtering, coupling, accounting for 10% of the cost of the inverter. As an effective means of saving energy, saving an average of more than 30% frequency conversion motor, air conditioning, metallurgy, rail transportation, machinery and other fields has been widely used.

Therefore, the inverter motor areas will become the new capacitor industry in accordance with the prediction of the drive industry market analysis and investment forecast data, the inverter market in the past few years maintained a growth rate of 12% -15%, and at least maintained a growth rate of more than 10 percent in the next five years. To about 4-6% of the price decline in the Chinese market inverter installed the growth of the capacity (power) is actually about 20%. Frequency conversion products, the penetration rate is still low, the future development of the field space is extremely broad, thus becoming the new room for growth of the capacitor industry.

Mining the high-growth stocks from the industrial chain

Because of this, the capacitor plates in the near future will undoubtedly be long-term funding of all ages, has always been a trend of active long-term capital. With the advent of the industrial growth cycle, these stocks are expected to be active again become the focus of the market.