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Developed by the United States to the success of the powerful features of graphene capacitor

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    Recently, the research team led by University of California, Los Angeles, Maher El-Kady, scientists achieve a breakthrough in graphene capacitors to create a super function with a simple general-purpose equipment.
    The researchers first elaborate the two graphite oxide film, and then they were placed in a regular DVD drive after the drive laser, they are restored into two graphene films. This two highly conductive properties of graphene films (1738 Siemens / m) per unit weight of a large surface area (1520 m2 / g), and high strength, good flexibility. Them into the electrolyte (a variety of electrolyte applicable), they themselves become the poles of the capacitor is charged more than an ordinary flashlight battery power in a few seconds of time. This capacitor is lightweight, large storage capacity, charging time is short, repeated charging and discharging 10000 does not affect the performance and can be stable even under high pressure discharge, the performance far more than any electrochemical capacitors.
    The above-mentioned research papers published in the March 16 issue of Science magazine. Experts commented that able to manufacture thin-film costs down, graphene capacitors and rechargeable batteries will create a new future of humanity.