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Capacitors: the innovation is there a future

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    From the 1980s, color television localization to the popularity of today's home appliances, the capacitor industry in China has been an unprecedented development, to fully meet the development needs of all types of electronic machine in terms of quantity, quality, service, and promote the -related materials industry, equipment industry, the development of the instrumentation industry. At present, China has become the global capacitor producing countries and consuming countries, production ranked first in the world, sales of the second highest in the world.

    China's electronic information industry has become the fastest growing industrial sector, the scale of the industry, foreign trade and exports the most-effective top of the pillar industries. Product sales revenue, industrial added value, total profits and taxes, and import and export volume of electronic components to about 12% the proportion of synchronous growth, which provides a solid foundation for the development of the capacitor industry.

    Institute of forward-looking industry capacitor industry production and marketing needs and investment forecast analysis report "shows that China's information industry has been with the foundation for the development to a higher level. With the electronic and information technology to further the comprehensive social and economic penetration and a growing number of electronic technology to go the path of integration, the development of electronic information products must faster and faster, to further expand the market to meet the general requirements, product along the path from road development to the requirements of human needs, and then personalized.

    New products and new features of the electronic machine with each passing day, the market life of products is getting shorter and more demanding electronic components. And due to the impact of world economic environment, the capacitor industry is facing energy costs, material costs, labor costs, environmental costs can rise, and the product sales price has dropped and dropped, the operation of the entire industry by the dual pressures. Therefore, the electronic components industry, must do business innovation, industry innovation, product innovation, in order to keep up with the needs of the whole development of electronic information.

    Prospects Institute for Industrial Economics capacitor industry research group, said the chip, small, complex, high-precision, high-performance, consistency, high reliability, zero defects is the development trend of today's world of electronic components. In order to adapt to this trend, the miniaturization of our capacitors, chip type must accelerate the pace.

    With economic globalization, the world's electronic information machine manufacturing companies have set up factories in China, multinational corporations in China procurement, coupled with the development of the original electronic information manufacturing industry, which further expand the consumer market of our capacitors.